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John asks…

Is there a Rose Parade in LA?

The reason I ask this is because of Brad Paisley’s song, „Online“ which says
„The only time I’ve/ever even been to LA/is when I got the chance/with the marching band/to play tuba in the Rose Parade“

I know there’s a Rose Parade in Portland, OR but is there one in LA as well?

admin answers:

The Tournament of Roses Rose Parade is in Pasadena, Ca thrown on New Year’s Day . It’s the way most Pasadena (and hundreds of other cities and countries) residents choose to spend their New Year’s morning. The route starts right by the Norton Simon Museum , and goes all the way down Colorado Blvd. It ends at Victory Park. There are tons of floats, and marching bands from differenert high schools all over the country are chosen to play in the parade. There is a Rose Parade Court, which consists of several female Pasadena residents who are currently seniors in high school. The Rose Parade is a MUST on New Year’s if you live/ are vacationing in LA !

An interesting fact: The Rose Parade is NEVER thrown on a Sunday, even if that’s when New Year’s is !

Richard asks…

1on1 tournament round 1?

1on1 game point 11 by 1’s all rules except shot clock..pick the winner of these matchups

Guards/Small Forwards
Ray Allen vs michael Redd
Rajon Rondo vs Derek Rose
Dwayne Wade vs Kobe Bryant
Lebron james vs Tracy mcgrady
Steve Nash vs tony parker
Paul Pierce vs Carmello Antony
rodney stuckey vs derron williams
joe johnson vs vince carter

Power forwards/centers
yao vs kevin garnett
shaq vs tim duncan
dwight howard vs marcus camby
amare stoudamire vs carlos boozer
elton brand vs chris bosh
pau gasol vs al jefferson
antwan jamison vs dirk nowitzki
jermaine oneal vs tyson chandler

admin answers:

Guards/Small Forwards
Ray Allen vs michael Redd-Allen….redd has no drive speed
Rajon Rondo vs Derek Rose-Rose-too much body for little rondo
Dwayne Wade vs Kobe Bryant-Kobe…close game but kobe by 2 fg
Lebron james vs Tracy mcgrady-James…also too much body
Steve Nash vs tony parker-Nash….parker will get injured and cp3 has to come in….but nash still wins
Paul Pierce vs Carmello Antony-Anthony way too many big man move for pierce
rodney stuckey vs derron williams-Williams by 20 pts.
Joe johnson vs vince carter-Vince….cuz joe can shoot himself out a game more than vince

Power forwards/centers
yao vs kevin garnett-KG perimiter…all day
shaq vs tim duncan- Shaq…w/street rules and no 3 second calls…shaq all day
dwight howard vs marcus camby Howard…better footwork
amare stoudamire vs carlos boozer…amarie…boozer has no explosion to counter amarie
elton brand vs chris bosh bosh….. Can shoot better from deeper
pau gasol vs al jefferson- jefferson is a quiet riot
antwan jamison vs dirk nowitzki – way more rebounding from nowitzki
jermaine oneal vs tyson chandler -oneal….better offense

Sharon asks…

Some tuff trivia?

If you get this right I’ll give you points! OK……BEWEEN 1903-1915, WHAT WAS THE MAIN EVENT AT THE ROSE BOWL??????????/

admin answers:

Tournament of Roses officials ran chariot races, ostrich races, and other various events instead of football

Lizzie asks…

Best Player in the Draft Tournament (Day 3)?

These are the usernames in the final four:
Patrick Willis is god- 1st
Beasley & Wade- 1st
Jerry J- 1st
BH- 4th

Pick the winners and check tomorrow if you made it to the championship.

Game 1: Derrick Rose vs. Kevin Love
Game 2: Michael Beasley vs. OJ Mayo

(in this round I seeded the players by the order they were picked in the draft so I didn’t give away who I think is the best)

admin answers:

Game 1: Derrick Rose(Rose is the better one due to the fact that Kevin Love still hasn’t proven that he is the better one that and he is injured… Rose is also injured but Derrick Rose has shown littlle talent in the Summer League but The PG position is the harder to adjust from the NCAA to the NBA.)

Game 2: Michael Beasley(one of my fav players but that doesn’t say that he is the better one. ITS A FACT. Beasley’s talent is amazing and will be the better one by a longshot. Mayo didn’t do good in the Summer League getting owned by Coby Karl and some D-Leaguer. Beasely killed Noah and Tyrus on the Bulls and all the other PF. Except for the Nets game since they knew what was coming. However that was the 2nd game and after that he adjusted and owned at the Orlando Summer League. Mayo being a thug will probably get in jail in like the next 5 years. Beasley will have a great pro career learning from Shawn Marion and Dwayne Wade. Beasley being „childish“ will adjust. I mean he’s just 19! He will mature and will be a better player. Beasley will pull some pranks but in games?? No he said he knows that games are important and will act serious when playing)

Edit: to Patrick Willis is god, you said that they had a killer Pac 10 but Beasley almost made it to the Final 4 by HIMSELF his team sucked. Rose is better because the PG position is the hardest to adjust due to the faster game play in the NBA. Kevin Love still hasn’t adjusted and is still doing just as good as Rose in the Summer League. The NCAA playing style is different so you can’t say that someone is better because of there college career. Kevin Love still hasn’t adjusted and neither has Rose but Rose being a PG will take longer to adjust. Just look at CP3 and D-Will.

Hope I helped Peace

oh and when you said in this round I seeded the players by the order they were picked in the draft so I didn’t give away who I think is the best. What does that mean???

Laura asks…

Derrick Rose and John Wall?

What are the similarities and differences between Derrick Rose and John Wall? I mean things like who’s faster, whose got a better jump shot, is one more of a scorer rather than a an all around type of guard, things like that.

Lastly, who will have a better career?

I asked this cuz my friend said John Wall is better than Derrick Rose, and I need to prove him wrong.

admin answers:

What are the similarities and differences between Derrick Rose and John Wall? Who’s faster? Wow hard to say I’ll say rose because he has broke a few ankles and made guys fall in the nba and is very explosive but wall seems like he is faster from end to end but i’d say about even but rose can make more things happen in the halfcourt more than wall for some reason wall is only useful for a run and gun type team So Rose is faster. Better jump shot?Rose right know but Wall was clutch in college a few times even though he isn’t a great shooter. But (rose is a better shooter right know) but they both need work on their J . Rose is more of a scorer he is not know for passing like kidd or nash and wall seems like he will be a bigger more flashy version of rajon rondo if he can play as hard as him I think wall can do everything rondo can and shoot a little better even though thats not saying much. Rose is better than Wall but honestly they are both the same guy on the court there is not really anything one can do that the other can’t if you think about it but wall seemd like he choked agianst west va in the ncaa tournament.rose is a allstar (rose is better right know) but ask this question agian in 2 years and it might be wall.better career wow hard to say I’ll say rose comparing their hs and collge careers rose was better at walls age then and I think he will have a better nba career but Jon wall will have a good career also.

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