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Donna asks…

I need a pokemon with Pokerus, please!!!?

Please, I’m playing Pokemon Black and I really need a Pokemon that has pokerus, I don’t care which one just as long as it has an active pokerus. All I can offer are the 3 Unova starters, a Charmander, Squirtle, Quilava, Turtwig, Archen, Lileep, Togepi and Ditto. My FC is: 0562 4613 7608.
Thank you!
Sorry, I already got a pokemon with pokerus (and I wasn’t even looking for it). Even so, thank you!

admin answers:

I can trade you a zorua with pokerus
my friend code: Kai 1636 2980 8928 white 2
add me as a contact by clicking my profile picture then email me when you want to trade, i’ll take archen,lileep, or ditto!

Helen asks…

Question about Pokerus in Pokemon White?

I’m sure most people know about the „disease“ in the Pokemon games, Pokerus. Well, I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer for anywhere about it.

I have multiple Pokemon with Pokerus, that I have gotten over trades in Pokemon White over the GTS Negotiations. Some have the PKRS icon next to their nature in the PC (Or next to their level when checking their summary), while others have a purple frowny face where, for example, a star would be if the pokemon were shiny (In fact I have a shiny Pokemon with the Pokerus as well, and it has the frown next to the star).

So I was wondering, is there any difference between the two? And if not, why are their variations in the Pokerus icon?
Curious though, when I went to heal my Pokemon that has a frown face, the nurse said that my Pokemon HAS, and that it will go away eventually etc.

I also assumed it didn’t have to do with being shiny.
*HAS Pokerus, I mean.

admin answers:

OMG! Can you please trade me one of your Pokemon with Pokerus?! I don’t care which Pokemon or what level it is. I’ll even trade it back to you when I’m done infecting my Pokemon.

If you have Pokemon Black I’ll trade you a Lv.47 Sandslash
If you have Pokemon White I’ll trade you a Lv. 20 Cottonee or Lv. 20 Gothita

My Friend code is: 3138 6556 6721

Please email me if your interested! 😀

Ruth asks…

Pokemon Black/White Training?

I have an idea, but will it work?
Say I trade my starter to a friend at level 15 after 1 gym badge.
He trains it to level 73 or something.
Will it still obey me since I’m the OT?

admin answers:

Rules & Regulations can’t be broken.

The fastest way is to let your friend BREED some pokemons with powerful skills + EV trained and trade them to you. Atk Spd base with Power item & pokerus wont exceed level 20 with 252 atk 252 spd 6 hp EV.
Local trade pokemon gives 1.5x experience, Poke transfer & Global link trade gives 1.7x experience.

Jenny asks…

can someone trade me with pokemon with pokerus?

can someone trade me with pokemon with pokerus
it’s pokemon white, forget to include that
here’s my FC 0562-2230-6707

admin answers:

I can, but what game (Black/White, HGSS Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) do you need it for? I’m going to need to know that before I can give it to you. ^^

Email me: if you’re interested. (:

Daniel asks…

pokemon black and white Ev training?

Q1: where to start ?
Q2: 4 patrat = to 1 ATK EV or 4 ATK EV ?
Q3 : 252/252/4 is the maximum ?
Q4 : when I am done ev training, can i use rare candies?

admin answers:

Q1: Start with a low leveled pokemon that gives you the EV that you want, so that you can easily gain EVs.
Use power items (Power Anklet, etc.) to increase the amount of a specific type of EV gained per kill. These can be bought for 16 BP at Gear Station.
Watch for Pokerus. You can tell if your pokemon is infected if you see something that says „PKRS“ in the status screen. If a Pokemon has this, the EVs they earn are doubled. Put these pokemon in your party, and they will spread to your other pokemon too. The good thing is, that even when it’s gone, the EVs are still doubled.
The Macho Brace is also usefull; it doubles the EVs your pokemon gain.
Vitamins, (Protein, Calcium, etc.) increase EVs by 10. However, you can only use them 10 times on a particular stat for a pokemon, and after, they will not accept a vitamin.
Wings, which are found on bridges in the game, increase an EV by 1. These have unlimited use, unlike Vitamins.
Also, keep track of how many EVs you have earned. A pokemon can only take 510 EVs, and 255 in any particular stat.

Q2: 4 Patrat = 4 Atk EV.

Q3: Yes. Although the 4 in a certain stat won’t do anything.

Q4: Yes. When you’re done EV training, you can use rare candies, and they will give the bonuses that you would get normally from EVs.

Hope this helps!
This can help too:

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