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Mary asks…

How do Tennis Tournaments work?

I have a Tennis Tournament and I’m not sure how they work or what the rules of the tournament are. I know the basic rules of tennis. Just need to know the rest. Can anyone help me?

admin answers:

For USTA tournaments, here’s how it goes. You sign up online (which I assume you have done). About 3 or 4 days before the start of the tournament, the draws will be posted online. You look at what time your match starts, and who you’re playing. You can see your opponent’s record if you’d like to by clicking on his/her name. I suggest arriving about 40 minutes before your match starts, that way you have some time to prepare yourself and everything. When you arrive, there will be a desk, and you check yourself in. When there is an open court for your match, the person at the desk will call you and your opponent over, go over some general warm-up and conduct rules, and send you to your assigned court. USTA tournaments usually have a 5 or 10 minute warm-up, so make sure to get everything in. Spin your rackets for serve, and start! There’s a changeover every odd game (1-0, 2-1…) and you get about 45 seconds for that. Between sets, you get about a 5 minute break or so. Many tournaments use a 10-point tiebreaker instead of a third set for time’s sake. Shake hands after the match, and report your score back at the desk. These are most of the formalities, hope this helps!

Helen asks…

Tournament arcs in anime?

This thought never really crossed my mind until now, but do you guys think that anime’s with major long lasting tournament arcs are kind of a cop-out in the sense that they don’t typically advance the story, and are probably only there to show off character abilities?

To name a few series with tournament arcs

Yu Yu Hakusho
Dragonball z
Hunter x Hunter
Flame of recca (half the series was a tournament lol)

I think writers use these tournament arcs sometimes to sort of slack off with storyline progression.

Hunter x hunter’s tournaments were done well though, as i believe they only helped advance the story. I won’t comment on the rest i mentioned

If you want to name of examples of which series tournaments you think advance the stories and which don’t feel free to.
keep in my mind i was not being negative about any of the shows i listed, i just never commented on them. I do agree about YYH though.
actually i don’t know why i blamed writers. Anime is most of the time based on manga source material. So maybe these tournaments are necessary sometimes as they are part of the manga themselves, They do probably prolong them as much as possible though (ps i don’t read manga)

admin answers:

Um the tournament arc in Yu Yu Hakusho was the best and one of the most important arcs in the show. It actually progressed the show a lot and got deep into character development and what the character is really like. It also was very important to the story line and contributed a lot to it. Now I don’t think thats slacking off. Oh I don’t know anything with tournament arcs. Other than the ones you named.
Edit: I have a fierce need to google anime with tournaments now brb.

Edit2: K i got like 3
Shamen King
Angelic Layer (whole show is a tournament. (Im currently searching more)
Law of Ueki
Flame of Recca
Oh Beyblade 😀

Mandy asks…

ITF tournaments QUESTION?

1)what is the max age that you can enter an ITF tournament?

2)what ranking(3.0,3.5…)do you need to enter?

if i am older then 18 then does that mean that i cant compete anymore?

admin answers:

I assume you mean ITF junior tournament, as the ITF also runs men’s senior tournaments (Grand Slams and Futures) as well.

To enter the junior tournaments, you have to be under 18 on December 31st of the prior year. For example, someone born on January 5, 1991 can compete in the US Open juniors this year, while someone born December 30, 1990 cannot.

There are many different grades of ITF junior tournaments. Grand Slams are the highest and grade A, followed by grades 1-5. There are also B1, B2 and B3 which are regional tournaments. Provided you are young enough, you could enter a low grade tournament (e.g. G4 or G5). Your level (3.0, 3.5 etc) is unimportant. Based on your result, you will get ranking points. Earn enough points and you will qualify for bigger tournaments (e.g. G1 or G2). To play in a junior grand slam, you will need to be in the top 100.

If you are too old to play in junior tournaments, you will need to play qualifying singles for Futures events. Futures events are for people of any age. If you win enough matches in a Futures event you will earn world ranking points. Like juniors, if you earn enough points you will be eligiable to play bigger events.

William asks…

Live Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy?

I am looking for good books on live Texas Hold Em tournament strategy.

Thanks for the help.

admin answers:

Adapt your style of play to that of the table. If everyone is playing tight, get aggressive and try to steal a few bucks from buying the pots. If the crowd is loose (aggressive), play tight and catch them when you get some solid hole cards and a promising flop.

Generally as a rule, I’ll start out playing looser than normal in the beginning, tighten up if I get up to a significant chip stack big enough to survive/cruise control with, then loosen again in the later stages.

Biggest piece of advice? One word…patience (don’t try to make the cards come to you if they’re not, just fold the crap cards.) Tournaments with anything more than one table are LONG which is why patience is so vital.

Adapt, survive and be patient…my 3 rules.

**Great Books**:
-Tournament Poker for Advanced Players (David Sklansky)
-Harrington on Hold ‚em: Expert strategy for NL tournaments Vols I, II, and III
-Kill Everyone by Lee Nelson and a couple other pros was real good too

**DISCLAIMER**- These are all advanced books…hope you’re alright with the basics and math to table application.

Lizzie asks…

fighting tournaments??? help?

i have been trained in mixed martial arts and many other too many to list i started when i was 6 im 17 now i turn 18 nov.19 and i wanted to do tournament’s how do i find tournament’s? that pay money or a prize? is there really top secret tournament’s how do i enter? and find? if i cant enter at a top secret i do i get then to find me? also what are the rules, prizes, money? all information is welcome on the subject

admin answers:

Haha… „top secret tournaments“ are a thing of Hollywood.

Find an MMA gym and/or MMA promoter. They’ll let you know when the next event is, and if they have any matches available for a beginner. I’d recommend getting an amateur match first, because they’re usually a lot easier. In fact, before getting into MMA, perhaps a grappling tournament, amateur boxing or kickboxing match, or a karate or Taekwondo point-sparring tournament would be a good thing to test yourself out at.

There are no real tournament formats for MMA anymore, where there’s a bracket and you have multiple fights in a single night. In North America, it hasn’t really been that way since the mid-90’s, probably when you were still in diapers.

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