Your Questions About Free Poker Sites

Mary asks…

What is the best online poker site to play from?

Looking for a good poker site that is free

admin answers:

There are lots of poker room. If you are looking for best poker room in the world, then different people have different opinion. And all poker room have Free play option. So you can play Free with play money chips.

1. PokerStars
2. Full tilt poker
3. Party poker
4. Absolute poker
5. Titan poker

Carol asks…

how do i create my own web site?

i would like to create a poker site ,it should be free for anyone to sign up and other words a free poker site.

admin answers:

Go to moonfurit, I have made in that it’s the best and more understandable For me and I don’t know anything about you, so TRy It
It’s cool !!

Maria asks…

Are there hold’em sites where you can win money without paying?

Is there any non download free poker website that you don’t need to pay and you win money.

admin answers:

You should check out then. They’re paying out all the time for free.

Daniel asks…

Where can I play online poker in Greek?

Are there any international sites that will let me play poker in Greek but also are big international sites?
I don’t know which sites I can trust – so any Info about big poker sites will be welcomed.

admin answers:

Best place is I have a code that gives you $25 just for signing up but you still can play for free and practice. This code is 1st come 1st serve. Even if the code is taken you still can use the referral number and still get 135% of your money on your first deposit. Say you deposit 100 dollars they will give you 135 dollars
heres the info:


enter promo code BH-U8RGQY8 in the promo box

Now enter 1709163 in the reffered by section and thats it a free instant $25 DOLLARS

Michael asks…

Do you think there will be a huge increase in people claiming bankrupcy and going to counselling?

With all the extra gambling opportunities online?

There are more bingo and poker sites being advertised all over the media. Are more people going to get hooked?

admin answers:

The number one cause of bankruptcy in the US is health care costs. I’d say that’s far more concerning than if someone plays poker on the Internet.

This is a free country, if you are going to get into banning online gambling sites you are copying countries like China, Cuba, Iran, and so on. Do we really want to model our society after communism?

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