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David asks…

Anyone got any good online casino bonuses for Halloween?

Usually the online casinos and poker sites go for this in a big way. Anyone got any links to free bonuses or codes?

admin answers:

There are actually some good overall bonuses. Some sites list them like

If you are outside the US, pokerstars has holiday themed tournaments and giveaways, usually the best.

Ken asks…

Where can i find and get some poker bonus?

my adventure with poker continues, i am looking for a poker bonus website where i can find the best deals.

how are poker bonus calculated, i mean i don’t think poker sites are doing some charity are they?

admin answers:

Poker bonuses are almost all based upon a percentage of your deposit which becomes freed up as you play. In essence what happens here is that you get your rake back over a certain period of time. Poker sites aren`t in the habit of charity though and that`s why they just don`t give you money for free. The idea here is that they will forego making anything on you for awhile, then after you`ve freed up all the bonus, then the hope is that you`ll stick around and then they will make money off you.

Jenny asks…

I hate working and want to get rich quick?

What are the top best ways to get paid. I joined a poker site and keep losing even when I could swear I would win. I think it’s rigged. Plus I tried to scrap but I have no truck and my ass hole dad won’t help me. Any simple suggestion that are soo stupid it might work?

admin answers:

Here are a couple ways to get rich quick! You can deal drugs, prostitute yourself, start robbing people, or gamble! Well, I would go for gambling, so I at least wont get thrown in jail LOL. If you want to play poker, you can get poker bankrolls for free at some sites, check it out. You never know, you might just win! LOL.

Linda asks…

What are some good site to customize realistic avatars for free?

I’m looking for sites to make avatars of myself and friends but the kind of avatars I want the 3D human like avatars but without a disproportionate big heads. The most realistic ones I’ve seen so far are the ones on Second Life and PKR (Poker playing site) but I don’t want to join those sites, I just want to make closer to realistic avatars.

admin answers:


James asks…

are there any java based poker sites that does not require any money to play-where u can win prizes? ?

are there any java based poker sites that does not require any money to play-where u can win prizes? just wanna kill time at school and they don’t allow me to install stuff.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

This is the best one i have found. You can win real money playing poker. The company gives you free tokens to start and if you win, you do not have to pay anything. Good luck

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