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Helen asks…

What is the backstory on the music box in USA show White Collar?

Can you give me the history of the „music box“ they always refer to? And, how Peter & the FBI ended up with it and why it matters so much?? Or, if you know of a website that talks about it that would work to.

admin answers:

This is pieced together from what I’ve been able to understand from the show and with help from Wikipedia. Some people don’t trust the site but I have found it to be fairly accurate so I use it as a source….


Kate Moreau is Neal’s ex-girlfriend. She apparently broke up with him during his time in prison. Neal feels that Kate was being controlled by a mystery man – who was only identifiable by his 10-year commemorative FBI ring. The music box has something to do with Kate but I’m not sure exactly what other than Alex (who was in last weeks episode) helped Neal steal it in order to free Kate – possibly from this controlling mystery man – Kate was on a plane that exploded, just as Neal was supposed to board the plane. I’m pretty sure at one point, everyone thought Neal was responsible for the plane exploding but I don’t think he was. With Mozzie’s help, Neal was able to obtain the FAA transcript of the plane (I didn’t think this was recordings of the passengers on the plane, only of the cockpit/pilots) He somehow sent the transcripts to Sara Ellis – the insurance investigator who tried to bust Neal for stealing a painting – well then Neal broke into Sara’s house to get the transcripts and Sara had him arrested but then Peter begged her not to press charges against Neal b/c then he couldn’t play poker against John Laroquette’s character in this weeks episode.

I know that Peter and Diana have the music box now.

I found this here on Y!A

>>In 1.08 „Hard Sell“ (the Season 1.5 opener), we learned – through Peter’s meeting with Kate – that „the man with the ring“ wants an amber music box that once belonged to Catherine the Great. Kate told Peter that the music box was her „price“; in exchange, she’ll leave Neal alone. Peter shared this information with Neal, who still believed that Kate was being forced by the man with the ring to do his bidding. Basically, through to the end of the season finale, Neal was certain that finding the music box and handing it over to Fowler (the OPR agent in charge of Project Mentor and who is also reporting to someone above his pay grade) would ensure Kate’s release. Everyone thought that Neal had stolen the music box, but the closest he ever got to this treasure was during his partnership with high-end fence Alexandra Hunter. Of course, we know what happened in the last minutes of „Out Of The Box,“ but the music box remains a mystery.

Now, in Season 2, Peter and Diana are the only ones who know the location of the music box. They’ve listened to its melody and have discovered a missing cherub, which Peter has deduced must be a key of some sort. He and Diana think that the man they chased in the opening scene of 2.02 „Need To Know“ has the missing piece… However, in the last scenes of 2.03 „Copycat Caffrey,“ Alex gives Neal the missing piece to the music box, the cherub-key.

The question remains: what secret is the music box hiding? (And will Peter and Neal share their secrets with each other?)<<

Michael asks…

What is a good online poker website? (download or non-download)?

I would like to know good poker websites that are free to play.

admin answers:

full tilt

William asks…

Is there any free No Deposit Bonus for any other poker site except 888 and PartyPoker?

Heres the deal, I lost a lot of money yesterday on Fulltilt, I had a straight and lost to a house, I am not in the mood to be depositing more. Is there any other website except the two i mentioned where I can get a no deposit bonus straight away without filling any credit card details, thanks.

admin answers:

Yes there are other sites also having no deposit bonuses. But even these bonuses are not free. Even you have to play some games and need to win a good amount before winning a good amount.

Still the poker rooms are:-

FullTilt Poker
Carbon Poker
Absolute Poker
Titan Poker
32 Red

Get their review at

Donna asks…

What site can I visit or book can I read that could tell me how to start a poker league?

Just a friendly league only between people I know.

admin answers:

I run a home poker league myself. We usually play for 8 weeks and then have a Tournament of Champions. We take 5 dollars off the buy in and put that towards the TOC prize pool. We award points each week based on where you finish and at the end, the top 60% of the field qualify for the TOC. It’s a fun way to do it and give the champ some bragging rights for a couple of months.

For tons of info on blinds structures to use and tonnes of other valuable info, check out the Home Poker Tourney website. I have put a link to their site below. It is a great resource to help you set up some rules, get format ideas, blind structures etc.

Have a couple practice games first, try out a couple different blind structures, set some rules and figure out what works for the amount of players you want and the time you want the game to last. I have also provided a link for a free poker clock that is fully customizable for what ever blind structure you choose. It’s the best I have found that is out there for free.

Most of all have fun. Good Luck at the tables.

Maria asks…

What do you do for fun on your iPod touch?

R there any cool free apps
certain websites
or videos to recommend?

Or what do you just do in general?

admin answers:

I downloaded this poker game.
& ive been playing that.
I have no idea how to play.

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