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Your Questions About Poker Games

Sonntag, Februar 12th, 2012

Richard asks…

Why is poker and other gambling games so popular? There are much card games don’t you think?

Hearts, crazy eights, president, idiot, uno are all better games then poker. And they won’t cause you to lose your house.
It’s supposed to be „much more card games.“ Sorry bout the typo.

admin answers:

No matter how high or low the stakes are, for many people, playing for money just adds an extra bit of extra excitement to the game. You know the saying: „No risk, no fun!“

Ken asks…

how do I use the message box to communicate with other players at poker games?

admin answers:

You type into it. It’s a chat box, you just type and press enter and there it is

Steven asks…

can i change my id just for the poker games?

i just want to know if i can change my id (name) just for the poker games. i want to keep for everything else. but i would really like to change it for the poker games thank you

admin answers:

Are you inadvertently giving the entire Y! Answers community (potentially) your e-mail address or was that by design?

In answer to your question, you could register a separate e-mail address…g-mail is pretty simple and fairly anonymous.

Mandy asks…

what is the history of the green visor now used in poker games.?

Was it originally worn by accountants and bankers? what period? and where?

admin answers:

I think it started getting used in poker games somewhere in the 30’s or40’s the dealer in a poker game used it to protect their eyes and not let other see the look they had when they had a good hand or a bad hand…

John asks…

how to win poker games?

Poker is an all-time favorite card game. It is widely Size of a Poker Chippopular in every kind of gambling arena and is increasingly getting a huge following among online casino lovers. In some gatherings, family get-togethers, and friendly reunions, poker is often adapted as a form of entertainment that helps guests go along easier. Bingo is no longer the number one social game; it was easily taken aback by poker. With more and more people getting interested to have a game or two regardless if there is a bet involved or not, the equipment usually needed at the poker table are made available in gaming stores. In this article, we will focus on an important poker stuff, the poker chip.

admin answers:

It is usually how u play the cards u are given. Fold, check, or play.

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