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Laura asks…

Should I start with cash games, sit n‘ go, or tournaments?

I’m no pro, but I’d like to say I’m skilled. I’ve played pretty extensively online and drawn a net profit. I know what I’m doing and I’ve read Dan Harrington’s book on no limit hold ‚em. I really want to start playing live, and unfortunately the closest I’ve got to live tables are home games and nothing too professional.

I’m a little afraid of cash games, since online I’ve never liked the idea of sitting at a table and throwing my money at people hand after hand. I’ve been very successful at large MTTs though (200-1200 people) and have drawn a net profit on these. I’ve always liked the idea of paying a fee and knowing that I’ll never end the day losing more money than that, doing something I love and having a chance at winning some of it back. To me it’s like paying 50 bucks to go to Disney World or something and on the way out having a staff come up to me and say „Congratulations, you’ve won!“ and handing me 200 back.

So my question is, with my extensive tournament experience, would it still be okay for me to jump into my first live MTT before I try Sit n Gos or cash games, or should I try to start small?

I’m very experienced in NL Hold ‚Em, good at Limit, and have some experience in PLO, 7 Card Stud and Razz.

admin answers:

One thing you should know is that beating these games on-line is HARDER than beating these games live! If you’ve been successful on-line, you shouldn’t have any trouble with live games.

There is only one fear I would have for someone who has never played live. It is SO much slower that I’m afraid someone like you might lose patience. You’ve got to play your game the same way you’ve been playing it. Of course this includes adjusting to your opponents, too.

Just have realistic expectations. Nobody cashes in MTT’s without at least SOME luck. You know that. If you stick with your game, it will be just like on-line. You’ll „draw a net profit“, but it might be slower than on-line. Because it’s easier live, I believe you’ll make more money PER TOURNAMENT average; however, instead of being able to play 5 to 10 tournaments in a day, you’ll only be able to play 1.

Helen asks…

Pokerstars tournament question?

Im kinda new to pokerstars…Ive been playing in the sit n go tournaments pretty much played most of the games w/ & w/o real money and now I cant figure out 2 things 1.How in the world do u play 2-7 triple draw??? I dnt get it…I play reg 5 card draw, but I dnt get that one..are they played the same? and 2.Im trying to get in the „TOURNEY“ tournaments but everytime I go to tourney and select a ‚announced‘ on that hasnt started it dnt give me the option to enter…can u plz explain that?? thanks in advance!!!

admin answers:

Here’s a basic explanation of 2-7 Triple Draw. The goal is to make the worst possible hand, with flushes and straights counting against you. So, 23457 (that is not a flush) is the best possible hand, hence the name 2-7 Triple Draw. Ace is considered High only, so it’s not a good card to have. Usually, it is played limit, but it can also be played no-limit.

Each player is dealt 5 cards, like 5 Card Draw. Then, after a round of betting (on Stars, they use a small and big blind instead of antes), each playter still in the hand can draw. Then there is another round of betting, followed by the second draw. Then a third round of betting followed by the third and last chance to draw. Finally, there is the last betting round and showdown.

As for the „Announced“ tourneys, you can only sign up when it is closer to start time and the tourney’s status changes from „Announced“ to „Registering“.

Good luck.

Charles asks…

Where do you find you make the most consistent money?

At ring/cash games? At tournaments? At sitn-gos? I used to play mainly cash games, but my winnings would fluctuate. I don’t blame the style of games, I blame myself for going on tilt too often, so I do think cash games are the best way to make the most potential money, but lately I’ve been doing really well at single table sitn-gos although I don’t do so well at mega-multi-table tournaments (meaning thousands of entrants). I get home from work from 4pm-7pm, which is somewhere between 3am and 10am in the US, so there are often players online who are overly tired, desperate to get their winnings back, drunk or on tilt, and I find it easy to weed past half of them and into the money. So while I might not get the most bang for my buck from them, I have been winning consistently and doubled my bankroll in just a few days. What kind of tables do you find work best for you?

admin answers:

I find myself playing better in Tournaments. Usually in Live tournaments I tend to do better then online. In Cash games I can do well, but after I build up my chip stack I have a bad habit of playing hands that just get me in trouble.

Donna asks…

DOES HE like me or r we jst friends?

Ok so there is this guy n school n we never really hung out he jst hung out with friends that i hung out with. well one time me n my friends were jst messing around n i was like „u know wat i hav no friends…i need to get more friends lol“ n i looked at him n i was like „hey u wanna b my friend“ n he was like yea so we actuallly started hanging out. n one night we were all hanging out at the mall n we would like sit nxt to each n he would put his arm around me n we started throwing papers at each other n stuff lol. n then i was suppose to take everyone home cuz i had my car lol. n he put his arm around me n started walking towards my car n was like „alright lets go home“ n i jst started laughing n walked back to everyone else. Then a few days later me, him n a bunch of friends went to a tournament n we were always together cuz our friends kept ditching us lmao anyway we were jst hanging out lol we even came up with a hand shake kinda lame but we always do it lol, he also kept putting his arm around me n stuf but like i didnt mind i was like watever lol. n we finally found our friends n we were sitting there n he asked me to go eat with him, i didnt want to go so i said no, he my friend nxt to me n they said no to lol then he looked at me n was like „come plz“ so i said yea. After that we kept kinda flirting but nothing to serious lol. but he is always telling bout other girls he’s been with n stuff. So does he like me or r we jst friends???? all my friends say he likes me but idk wat do u think???

admin answers:

I believe he is a player-player type of person. If he is really interested in you he will tell you! Just watch out and be careful!

Jenny asks…

high school girl i like i think she likes me 2?

really long SORRY please read it n answer
well i started to like her the last few months be4 we finish junior year n i think she knew or she knows. i never had her in a class till junior but i was there like for 3 months n the i changed my class y idk im stupid well i use to get in trouble alot n we get like 5 consequences and i had 3 so she kind of saw my bad/stupid side. i had like 2 small conversations w/ her in hallways but less than 30 sec or so
then when i changed my class i guess i started to like her n i just 2 look at her alot n she would 2. she was in the soccer team n they were doing really good n i got her a bracelet n i told my sister about her n she told me to give 2 her n tell her that was for her because she was doing so good but i didn’t give to her. so then they end up loosing n they got out of tournament n my sister told me 2 give 2 her n tell that’s because i know u gave it ur best. but it just sounded weird for me to give her the bracelet. so then the year was over n her favorite soccer team happen to be in finals n they won n were champs (pumas 4 anybody that know them) n my sister told me 2 give the bracelet n tell her i wanted 2 congrats her for her team winning n give her the gift but i still though it was weird n its just sitting there in my room. so then the school year was over n the summer came i hardly saw her but thought of her a lot. then senior year started n 4 my bad luck no classes w/ her but i keep looking at her n i notice that she looks at me 2. idk about this but i started dressing up nice on fridays 2 impress her but i notice that she dress really nice 2 on fridays. i told my sister about it n she said that maybe da 1st friday could of being coincident but we have about a month n she keeps dressing nice on fridays n me 2. in the mornings i hang around her locker with my friends n on mondays i say jokes about (pumas) her favorite team i be saying how after being champs they cant win a game. idk how she takes that. one time i was talking 2 of my friends about a new mexican resturaunt they put in my area n he told me that a lot girls from school work there n he happend 2 mention her not stalking n then i told anoter of my friend that he happends 2 be friend with her brother n told him to go eat but he knows i like her. would it be weird if i go to the resturaunt would she think (stalking)? the other day we had our senior pic class n when it was over i was standing by my self n she happend to stand in front of me n she was like 4 steps in front of me n then she moved like 3 steps back so we end up kind of close but i move one step back n 1 2 da side i though about talking 2 her but by the time i decided 2 talk 2 her 1 of her friends past by n left i told my sis n she told me i was stupid n she wanted me 2 start a conversation with her but i havent talk 2 her since last year n i just really want 2 talk her.
should i stop with jokes(pumas) when i say it she kind of smiles
so after reading a lot what do you girls or guys think does she like or not?
What should i do?
any advise?
sorry for being long thanks 4 every thing

admin answers:

I’m glad you have a sister to talk to, but why don’t you listen to her? I’m sure she feels like snatching you up sometimes- it was frustrating reading your story. How do you think you’re going to get anywhere with this girl if you’re afraid to talk to her? You only have one year left of school and it’s past time you get to know this girl. Don’t let yourself graduate without taking a step toward her. You’ll regret letting her go so easily. What if this girl is waiting for you to ask her out? She knows you like her. A friend of her brother’s knows- that means SHE KNOWS. She’s doing little things to give you an opportunity and reason to speak to her. DO IT! I know that in high school everyone is watching your every move and it’s difficult to have much finesse, but you’re going to have to find a way. GIVE HER THAT FREAKING BRACELET!!! Write a note to go with it- sealed in an envelope- and tell her that you bought it last year for one reason, but it didn’t work out, and that you’ve been searching for reasons since! That’s the truth. You should only tell her the truth. Maybe you could put it in her locker. If you want to avoid school drama (at least a little bit) give it to her at her job. Go in there, ask that she be your waitress. Take your sister with you if you need support. (Your friends are just going to embarrass you.) Maybe you’d like to talk to her a few times before giving her the bracelet. Eventually, you can leave your sister at home and talk to her alone. This is part of growing up. People can’t have relationships if they can’t approach one another. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! You can. It’s not going to kill you. It’s a good thing that she smiles when you joke about her favorite team. If you had gotten to know her a bit last year, by now, you might know exactly how she felt about your jokes (and you wouldn’t have to ask strangers). Talk to her and if she seems nice, easy to get along with, fairly interested, then ASK HER OUT! Good luck.

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